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The slideshow might take a few seconds to load - please be patient - it's worth it! Showcasing documentary wedding photography by Jamie Emerson from all over the north east, including Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland, Darlington and further afield.

Photographs are all about light. Whether it's a tiny, cold ray of Winter sun through a castle window, or a great swelling wave of soft, golden evening sunshine through some patio doors, I'll use it. It's often about putting yourself in the right place to use the light, then just waiting for the photograph to happen. Anticipation, knowing what sort of composition you'd like and in what sort of light, combined with a little luck - the magic recipe!

Of course, it helps hugely when you're able to allow everyone to forget you're there at all, and knowing your kit inside out is useful...

If the light just isn't there, I'll happily introduce some with a little unobtrusive use of flash, often a long way away from me and my camera, controlled wirelessly - the way of the documentary photographer!